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Comfort Ring

Designed for one-time use, this ring is the ultimate in convenience and easily used with a condom.  The soft and highly elastic material makes it perfect for men who find the standard rings too tight or rigid, and who need less pressure to maintain an erection.  One size only. Often referred to as a practice ring.

ErecAid Classic Pump System

This is the original model first developed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction using a vacuum system. It is also known as the OTC system because it can be sold without a prescription in the United States (no prescription is needed in Canada for any ED vacuum therapy systems).

This model comes as a kit with a cylinder that is connected to the head pump system using an 18 inch clear tube. Unlike the Esteem system, this model does not have a warranty. The kit also includes:

  • two Standard Tension Rings (C & D)
  • One tube of the Osbon Personal water soluble lubricant
  • A printed Users Manual
  • Zippered carrying case

*Due to the nature of this product, returns or exchanges will not be permitted*

MaxElasticity Large Ring

Large size ring – low tension – Grey

Inside diameter 22mm (0.875inches)

MaxElasticity Medium Ring

Medium size ring – low tension – Grey

Inside diameter 19mm (0.75inches)


Some men are able to naturally get an erection but find that their erection does not last long enough for satisfactory intercourse. This is often due to a condition known as venous leak. Many of these men can be helped with the use of VenoSeal.

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