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The Osbon Difference

The Osbon ErecAid System is a Medical Grade, FDA-Approved Vacuum Erection Device (VED) with a 90% success rate across all patients. It is the market leading solution for Penile Rehabilitation & non-surgical treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Osbon ErecAid systems are Doctor recommended as highly effective treatment for

1. Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Osbon ErecAid treats erectile dysfunction by using vacuum therapy to increase bloodflow. Regular daily use promotes natural arterial blood flow, which can help with penile tissue health.

Not all men achieve their desired erection with PDE5i and some men have unwanted side affects. The Osbon ErecAid is a drug free solution trusted by millions of men worldwide. It is an effective solution for erectile dysfunction, both as an alternative and/or a compliment to other treatments.

2. Prostate Cancer Recovery

A radical prostatectomy can result in both erectile dysfunction and loss of penile length. Osbon ErecAid uses a rehabilitation device that is proven to promote the natural arterial blood flow necessary for healing and maintenance of length.

3. Peyronie's Disease

Daily use of the Osbon ErecAid is proven to help alleviate Peyronie’s disease amongst men.

4. Penile Health

Regular erections are necessary for healthy penile tissue. The Osbon ErecAid can create an erection on a daily basis, without the use of drugs or injections. This can result in healthier tissue and better function.

5. Hypertension (High blood pressure) and Erectile Dysfunction

Men with hypertension are 2x more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Drugs used to treat hypertension may result in medical side effect with other ED treatments. Since the Osbon® Erecaid® system is non-invasive and not a drug, there is no risk of drug to drug interactions.

6. Diabetes and ED

According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, a diabetic man was 3x more likely to have ED than a nondiabetic. Studies have found that diabetics are less likely to respond to a PDE5i2.

The overall success rate for men using the Osbon® ErecAid® and Pos-T-Vac system is 90%. Since the Osbon® Erecaid® system is non-invasive and not a drug, there is no risk of drug to drug interactions.

Doctor's Preferred Choice

Osbon ErecAid System is the vacuum treatment doctors prescribe most, with over 1 million satisfied customers. The reasons are simple:

- Zero Latency (works immediately)
- Drug-free
- Can be used with other medications
- No serious side effects
- Natural Penile Rehabilitation
- Easy to learn and use
- Long term satisfaction
- Economical compared to pills

Regular erections are necessary to maintain penile health and function

The Osbon ErecAid System is proven to be a safe and highly effective non-surgical solution for Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Rehabilitation, promoting healthy arterial blood flow for performance and recovery.

Damage to nerves & blood vessels can prevent erections. Penile tissue can be damaged either by the reduced blood flow from erectile dysfunction, through trauma from Radical Prostatectomy surgery or other medical conditions like Peyronie’s disease. Rehabilitation through VED is a proven solution. 

Experience Lasting Value

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