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Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Osbon and PosTvac

Why go natural?

For many men, Oral ED Medication (PDE5-inhibitors) either aren’t effective or can’t be taken due to other medical reasons. According the AARP, research shows that certain ED drug effectiveness is only in the 50-60% range. Osbon ErecAid systems are drug-free and effective in 90% of men.

Are you experiencing?

- Contraindications with other medications

- Unwanted medical side effects

- Non-responsiveness to PDE5i

Try our natural solutions

Our Legacy

The first Osbon ErecAid Vacuum Therapy System was launched in the marketplace over 30 years ago. Julian Osbon was a pioneer in the industry and his legacy lives on today through their products and vision of providing a safe and effective non-surgical solution for Erectile Dysfunction. Over three decades, Osbon ErecAid has established its product line as the industry leader in drug-free alternatives for ED, Prostate Recovery, and Penile Health Rehabilitation.

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