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Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Osbon and PosTvac

Everyone is built differently. It’s important to get the tension just right to ensure that sweet spot of comfort and function.

So, where do I start?

If you ordered a new premium system, you will receive the four rings listed below.

They are conveniently labelled as Ring A, B, C and D, in the alphabetical order, and they should be tried in this order for first time users:

Ring A: Large Beige Standard-Tension (22mm)

Ring B: Large Pink High-Tension (22mm) 

Ring C: Medium Beige Standard-Tension (19 mm)

Ring D: Medium Pink High-Tension (19 mm)

ALWAYS start with the largest size and the lowest tension

The Standard Tension Ring in Large (Ring A)

Correct ring positioning is necessary to keep an erection

Tension rings should be positioned so that the “U” shaped notch (urethral notch) is on the bottom of the penis and the pressure points are at the top of the penis.

Possible Scenarios

Scenario 1

I tried Ring A and the erection was not strong

Try in the following order until a firm, comfortable erection is achieved:

1. High Tension Ring in Large (Ring B)

2. Standard Tension Ring in Medium (Ring C)

3. High Tension Ring in Medium (Ring D)

4. Two Rings: A & B

5. Two Rings: B & D

6. Two Rings: C & D

Scenario 2

Erection is strong, but The Standard Tension Ring in Large (Ring A) is too tight

It’s time to lessen the pressure, the following rings must be purchased separate from the kit:

1. Max Elasticity Ring in Large 

2. Max Elasticity Ring in Medium

Scenario 3

My scrotal tissue is being pulled into or pinched by the vacuum device 

Everybody’s anatomy is different, which is why we developed the EZ Tension Rings. They mimic the sizing of your preferred tension ring. 

Standard Tension Rings in Medium fit well?

- Try the EZ Ring #7 (19mm, same diameter as the Medium Standard Tension Ring C) 

Otherwise try a smaller size EZ Ring:

#4 (16mm)

#5 (17mm)

#6 (18mm)

#7 (19mm)

Scenario 4

I can achieve a natural erection, but I can’t maintain it

Our VenoSeal device is an adjustable constriction loop for those who don’t need the pump to get an erection, but rather have difficulties maintaining it (venous leak). The VenoSeal device will be comfortable to the user, but also provide enough additional pressure to prevent blood from flowing back into the body, thus maintaining an erection.

Download your Guide to Pressure Point Tension Rings

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