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An adjustable constriction loop designed to provide enough additional pressure to maintain a strong erection.

VenoSeal Constriction Loop for the treatment of Venous Leak. An adjustable constriction loop for the man who can create a natural erection, but the erection is not firm enough for satisfactory intercourse.  An adjustable constriction loop can be used to prevent Venous Leak. Venous Leak is the result of the penile veins inability to keep blood from flowing back into the body.   By placing the device comfortably at the base of the penis, the VenoSeal  provides additional pressure to prevent blood from flowing back into the body, thus maintaining the erection.

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The Solution to Venous Leaks

Venoseal is a simple and non-invasive solution to Venous Leak, the inability to maintain an erection.

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