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Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Osbon and PosTvac

PosTVac Mach Ring

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While the Osbon patented tension rings can be used on all devices and are the preferred ring for most with their engineered extruding bumps to maintain firmness and urethral notch to allow for ejaculation; we do also offer the PostTVac Mach ring in 4 different sizes. 

PosTVac Mach Ring has a thick center, creating an evenly dispersed tension and comfort over a wide area.

The Mach Ring will maintain adequate firmness for approximately 30 uses. Latex Free

Mach Ring #5 (SM) inside diameter is 6.5 mm (.25 inches)
Mach Ring #6 (M) diameter 8.6mm (.340 inches)
Mach Ring #7 (L) inside diameter 10.5mm (.430 inches)
Mach Ring #8 (XL) inside diameter 13.5mm (.550 inches)

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Ring C (M)

Inside diameter 0.75″ (19 mm)

Ring A (L)

Inside diameter 0.875″ (22 mm)

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